18 Jun 2011

Atlanta Vinyl Flooring – Choosing The Right Look

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With such a wide array of Atlanta Vinyl Flooring that can be installed in your home, it’s no wonder you might feel overwhelmed when trying to make a decision. The more durable solution is obviously solid vinyl, and the tiles more simple to install. You can try and do it yourself at home by setting up the tiles before you install them. Basic tools which are found in an everyday toolbox can be used to do this work. As long as you can follow the instructions included by the manufacturer, you will not have a problem.

When it’s time to buy Atlanta Vinyl Flooring materials, it’s always best to make sure you’ve read everything comprehensively. It’s also a good idea to reference the local building codes and requirements in your county. Keep in mind you have to thoroughly remove your old flooring and any type of molding which might be in the way.

Next, temporarily lay a corner of vinyl tile at the center of the floor, lay out a few square feet to get a good idea what the final result will look. If you don’t’ like it, it’s not too late change at this point. If it’s what you like, then move forward with the installation.

In case you are using a self-adhesive tile, you will need to ensure you strike each tile against its neighbor firmly by lowering it instead of sliding the tile into place. Next, you may continue installing the vinyl tiles in the remaining areas of the room.

Once you complete placing the tiles on the floor, you then need to trim the edges, to create a clean finished result. Also you can put another tile flush against the wall while it lays on top the first tile.
The last step in the process is to lay down the crown molding around the edges of the room where the floors meet the walls.

Atlanta Vinyl Flooring is no easy task even with the right tools. Sometimes is best to just call a professional company to do the work!

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