01 Apr 2011

Atlanta Floor Refinishing – Hardwoods Looking Their Best!

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How can you tell if Atlanta Floor Refinishing is what you need to spruce up your home? Well for starters, if you’ve been thinking about cover up your hardwoods instead of showing them off proudly as part of your house, then it might be time to call a professional contractor. Find someone who is serious about refinishing them, and doing the work with expert craftsmanship and a budget.

A key decision need to be made in order to best determine the look and feel, is the type of finish. You want to ensure your floors are protected from everyday wear and tear your home might see. If you have young kids, or large animals, then consider a type with reinforced durability. You don’t want to be replacing your new wood floors any time soon, so protect them accordingly.

Hardwood floor finishes are available in many varieties today. Top Atlanta Floor Refinishing selections include, varnishes, urethanes, wax, shellac’s and more. Basically there are two main factors to consider when deciding which type of finish you use.

Will you go with oil-based urethane or waterborne urethane as your final choice? Please note, both types have a different set of pros and cons associated with them. It’s important to research both of them so you can better make a decision.

Oil-based urethane is produced from petroleum mixed with different synthetic resins, plasticizers and other film forming ingredients. They are processed to be more durable and moisture-resistant. As it sets into the wood, it will provide a natural amber look. These types of finishes are typically more cost effective when compared to their water-based counterparts. However, they are more toxic much stronger smelling.

Waterborne Urethanes are manufactured for a more durable and moisture resistant floor coating. They’re also very fast drying, and you can be back on your floors much sooner than using oil-based refinishes. However they are a bit more expensive, and don’t have such glossy appearance.

So it you need Atlanta Floor Refinishing for your hardwood floors, then it’s time to hire a company. Call a contractor who has many years of industry experience in this trade, and your sure to get a great deal.

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